Beat the Boards Neurology Board Review

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01A. Primary Headache Disorder 37 minutes
01B. Secondary Headache Disorders 30
02A. Pain Disorder I
02B. Pain Disorder II
03A Epilepsy Epidemio…, Seizure Types & Syndromes I
03B Epilepsy Epidemio… Seizure Types & Syndromes II
03C Epilepsy Management
04A Sleep Disorders I
04B Sleep Disorders II
04C Sleep Disorders III
05A Introduction to Cl…enetics & Neuroepidemiology I
05B Introduction to Cl…netics & Neuroepidemiology II
06A Advanced Topics in Clinical Neurogenetics I
06B Advanced Topics in Clinical Neurogenetics II
07A Cerebrovascular Disease I Vascular Anatomy & Localization
07B Cerebrovascular Disease II Mechanisms of Stroke
07C Cerebrovascular Disease III Mechanisms of Ischemic Stroke
07D Cerebrovascular Disease IV Management of Acute Ischemic Stroke, Primary Stroke Prevention, & Intracerebral Hemorrhage
07E Cerebrovascular Disease V Subarachnoid Hemorrhage & Neurovascular Imaging
08A Neuromuscular Disorders I Overview
08B Neuromuscular Disorders II Motor Neurons Disorders
08C Neuromuscular Disorders III Sensory Neuron Disorders
08D Neuromuscular Disorders IV Axonal Loss & Neuropathies
09A Neuromuscular Disorders V Demyelinating Neuropathies
09B Neuromuscular Disorders VI Plexopathies
09C Neuromuscular Disorders VII Neuromuscular Junction Disorders
09D Neuromuscular Disorders VIII Myopathies I
09E Neuromuscular Disorders IX Myopathies II
09F Demyelinating Disorders
10A Movement Disorders I
10B Movement Disorders II
10C Movement Disorders III
11A Trauma & Critical Care I
11B Trauma & Critical Care II
12 Neuro-ophthalmology
13A Neuro-otology I
13B Neuro-otology II
14A Cranial Neuropathies I
14B Cranial Neuropathies II
14C Cranial Neuropathies III
15A Neurologic Complications of Systemic Disease I
15B Neurologic Complications of Systemic Disease II
15C Neurologic Complications of Systemic Disease III
16 Neuroendocrinology
17 Neurotoxicology
18A Neuro-oncology I
18B Neuro-oncology II
18C Neuro-oncology III
19 Neuroimmunology
20A Neuroinfectious Diseases I
20B Neuroinfectious Diseases II
21A Child Neurology I Seizure Syndromes
21B Child Neurology II Other Paroxysmal Disorder & Dystonia
22A Congenital Disorders I
22B Congenital Disorders II
23 Pregnancy & Neurology
24 Psychiatric & Psychological Principles
25 Neuropsychological Tests
26A Depressive Disorders
26B Bipolar Disorders
27A Somatic Symptom and Factitious Disorders
27B Psychotic Disorders
27C Obsessive-Compulsive and Related Disorders
28A Personality Disorders
28B Eating Disorders
28C Substance Use Disorders
28D Anxiety and Trauma Related Disorders
29A Autism Spectrum Disorder
29B Intellectual Disability
29C Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
30A Delirium Part I
30B Delirium Part II
31A Neurocognitive Dis…c Criteria and Classification
31B Neurocognitive Disorders II Diagnostic Assessment
31C Neurocognitive Disorders III General Management
31D Neurocognitive Disorders IV Review of Alzheimer's Disease
31E Neurocognitive Disorders V Review of Lewy Body and Vascular Disease
31F Neurocognitive Disorders VI Review of Frontal Temporal NCD and Infectious Diseases
31G Neurocognitive Disorders VII Review of Other Etiologies
32A Psychopharmacology I Pharmacokinetics
32B Psychopharmacology II Pharmacodynamics
32C Psychopharmacology… and Pregnancy-Related Issues
32D Psychopharmacology…ns and Drug-Drug Interactions
33 Cortical Syndromes
34A Development I Childhood & Adolescence
34B Development II The Elderly
35A Clinical Diagnostic & Therapeutic Procedures I
35B Clinical Diagnostic & Therapeutic Procedures II
36A Neuroanatomy I The Cortex
36B Neuroanatomy II Cranial Nerves I-VI
36C Neuroanatomy III Cranial Nerves VII-XII
36D Neuroanatomy IV Pathways, CSF, & Blood Supply
36E Neuroanatomy V Other Structures
37A Neuropathology I The Basics
37B Neuropathology II Infections & Demyelination
37C Neuropathology III Tumors
37D Neuropathology IV Neurodegenerative Diseases & Neuromuscular Pathology
38A Neurochemistry I Neuronal Excitation Part 1
38B Neurochemistry II Neuronal Excitation Part 2
38C Neurochemistry III Metabolism Part 1
38D Neurochemistry IV Metabolism Part 2
39 Ethics & Issues in Practice
40 Interpersonal & Communications Skills

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Beat the Boards Neurology Board Review Courses
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