Reviewed for Re-Release: April 30, 2023
Date Credits Expire: April 29, 2026
Date of Original Release: March 15, 2020


Basic – Sciences

Pharmacology – Gases – Adam W. Baca, MD

Pharmacology – Drugs – Adam W. Baca, MD

Physiology – Cardiopulmonary – Marc J. Popovich, MD, FCCM

Neurologic System: Physiology – Raymond Pla, MD

Physiology – Renal – Raymond A. Pla, MD

Breathing Systems and Their Use in the Operating Room – William Whitehead, MD, PhD

Operating Room Safety – S. Lynn Knox, MD, FASA

Patient Monitors in Anesthesiology – Eric R. Heinz, MD, PhD

Basic – Clinical

Preoperative Assessment and Evaluation – Gurwinder K. Gill, MD

Anesthetic Planning – Eric R. Heinz, MD, PhD

General Anesthesia and Management – Connor McNamara, MD, MS

Neuraxial Anesthesia – Eric R. Heinz, MD, PhD

Acute Pain Medicine and Regional Anesthesia – Emily Garmon, MD

Emergence and Postoperative Care – Jarrett Heard, MD, MBA

Complications – Part 1 – Nilda Salaman, MD

Complications – Part 2 – Nilda Salaman, MD

Advanced – Clinical

Chronic Pain Medicine – Palak Turakhia, MD, MPH

Cardiac Anesthesia – Part 1 – K. Gage Parr, MD FASA

Cardiac Anesthesia – Part 2 – K. Gage Parr, MD FASA

Thoracic Anesthesia – Geetha Shanmugam, MD

Critical Care Medicine – ARDS, Sepsis, Shock, and Vasopressors – Donald S. Prough, MD, FASA, FCCP, FAHA

Critical Care Medicine – VAD, IABP, and ECMO – Donald S. Prough, MD, FASA, FCCP, FAHA

Topics in Neuroanesthesia – Stefanie R. Fischer, MD

Obstetric Anesthesia – Michael Hofkamp, MD

Pediatric Anesthesia – Carroll Labron Chambers, Jr., MD, MBA, FASA

Abdominal Organ Transplantation for the Anesthesiologist – Shaun Yockelson, MD

Trauma and Burn Anesthesia – Gurwinder K. Gill, MD

Vascular Anesthesia – Adrienne B. Warrick, MD

Hot Topics

Physician Impairment – Diana Zentko, MD

Multimodal Analgesia in the time of an Epidemic – Palak Turakhia, MD, MPH

Non-Operating Room Anesthesia – Mitchell H. Tsai, MD, MMM, FASA, FAACM

Cardiac Anesthesia – Jacob Martin, MD

New Peripheral Nerve Blocks – Emily Garmon, MD

Fetal Surgery – Michelle S. Burnette, MD

Perioperative Management of Older Adults – Marc J. Popovich, MD, FCCM

Practice Management – Jarrett Heard, MD, MBA

Comprehensive Review of Anesthesiology

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