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Date of Original Release: September 15, 2020
Date Credits Expire: September 15, 2023


New Analgesic Targets and Emerging Therapies

  • Sodium Channels in Painful and Painless Diseases and in Local Anethesia: Beyond NAV 1.0 – Charles Berde, MD, PhD
  • Moving Beyond the Mu Receptor to Treat Postoperative and Chronic Pain – Srdjan S. Nedeljkovic, MD
  • Replacing Procedural Sedation: The Potential of Various Distraction Modalities – Jason D. Ross, MD
  • The Vagus Nerve and the Inflammatory Reflex: A New Target for Modulating the Immune Response – Srdjan S. Nedeljkovic, MD
  • Pharmacogenomics and Pain Medicine: A Clinical Tool – Roseann S. Gammal, PharmD, BCPS

Interventional Therapies Updates

  • Emerging Treatments for Back Pain – Victor C. Wang, MD
  • Dorsal Root Ganglion Stimulation – Robert Jason Yong, MD, MBA
  • Beyond the Neuron: Stimulating the Glial Cell for Pain – Ricardo Vallejo, MD, PhD
  • Visceral Pain and Spinal Cord Stimulation: The Evidence? – Leonardo Kapural, MD, PhD
  • The Anatomical and Physiological Basis of Intraspinal Stimulation – Giancarlo Barolat, MD
  • Improving Safety of Spinal Cord Stimulation: Neuromonitoring – Julie G. Pilitsis, MD, PhD
  • New Technology for Spinal Cord Stimulation: Are the Claimed Advances Real? – Nagy Mekhail, MD, PhD
  • Innovative Treatments for Spinal Stenosis – Robert Jason Yong, MD, MBA
  • Intrathecal Therapy and CSF Dynamics – Andreas A. Linninger, PhD
  • Spinal Cord Stimulation for Cancer Pain: Is This a Good Idea? – Edgar L. Ross, MD
  • Intrathecal Therapy for Cancer: The Case for Early Intervention – Sanjeet Narang, MD

Clinical Care Updates

  • The Future of Opioids: Making a Risk-Benefit Decision – Christopher Gilligan, MD
  • Meeting the Challenge of Postoperative Pain in the Opioid-Tolerant Patient – Justin Merkow, MD
  • Postoperative Respiratory Depression: Opioids and Monitoring – Richard D. Urman, MD, MBA, FASA
  • How to Reduce the Chance of Long-Term Opioid Use After Surgery – Darin J. Correll, MD
  • Military Pain Medicine – David E. Reece, DO
  • A Fresh Look at Atypical Opioids as Frontline Analgesics: Science, NOT Misconceptions – Lynn Webster, MD
  • Atypical Opioids: Clinical Pearls – Richard L. Rauck, MD
  • Managing Pain in Patients with Opioid Use Disorder – Mohammed Issa, MD
  • Advances in Neuraxial Analgesic Therapeutic Platforms – Tony Yaksh, PhD
  • Acute Pain Management for House Staff – Jason D. Ross, MD
  • Regenerative Medicine’s Role in Pain Management: Principles and Practice – George M. Hanna, MD
  • Mind, Body, and Mu Agonists – Robert Edwards, PhD
  • Integrating Behavioral Pain Medicine in Patient Care: Science Supporting Innovation – Robert N. Jamison, PhD
  • Pain Medicine: A Primer for Mid-Levels – Michael Ferrick, RN, NP
  • Gender Differences in Pain Sensitivity: Clinical Implications – Samantha M. Meints, MD
  • Scalable and Brief Behavioral Pain Medicine Interventions – Beth Darnall, PhD
  • Epidemiology, Mechanisms and Treatment of Postamputation Pain – Steven P. Cohen, MD
  • Peripheral Nerve Entrapment Syndromes – Victor C. Wang, MD

Pain and Public Policy

  • Opioid Moderatism and Rapprochement: The Search for a Sane Middle Ground – Michael Schatman, PhD
  • Patient-Centered Opioid Reduction: Avoiding Iatrogenic Harms and Ensuring Patient Protections – Beth Darnall, PhD
  • Lifestyle as a Risk Factor for Chronic Pain – Edgar L. Ross, MD

Cancer Pain and Palliative Care

  • Preparing Yourself for the Difficult Conversation: Pain and Palliative Care at the End of Life – Gary Strichartz, PhD, MDiv, and John Kearns, MDiv, BCC
  • Christian Beliefs and Practices About Pain, Suffering and Death – Gary Strichartz, PhD, MDiv, and S. Mark Heim
  • Judaism’s Perspectives on Pain and End of Life Care – Joel Baron
  • Hinduism’s Perspectives on Pain and End of Life Care – Sanjeet Narang, MD
  • Islam’s Perspectives on Pain and End of Life Care – Shaikha S. Alroumi
  • Buddhism’s Perspectives on Pain and End of Life Care – Robert B. Wall
  • Updates on Pain and Palliative Care Research – Zhimeng Jia, MD, and Yvan Beaussant, MD

Pain Medicine and the Law 2020

  • The DEA is Investigating Your Prescribing: Now What? – Mark D. Smith
  • Inside the DEA: Attitudes, Methods, and Mandates Regarding Opioid Prescribing – Richard H. Blake
  • Minimizing the Risk of a Malpractice Case: A Plaintiff’s Lawyer’s Perspective – Clyde D. Bergstresser, Esq.

Healthcare Systems and Pain Management

  • A Primer for Pain Practices in Adapting to the Upcoming Changes in Healthcare – Zwade J. Marshall, MD, MBA
  • Assessing Patient Outcomes for Optimized Care and Real-World Research – Sean Mackey, MD, PhD
Comprehensive Review of Pain Medicine

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